Model Spotlight: Siren666

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Siren666’s Chat Room:

1) How did you come up with your alter ego Siren666? I came up with Siren because it is a mythical being that lures men to their deaths. I liked that idea and 666 because to me means power and freedom. I consider myself a strong willed woman so I thought it went perfect together.

2) You describe yourself as a Little Petite Fuck Doll, how petite are you? I am 4’10 and very skinny and have always been so.

3) Do you have any body decorations? I have a nose ring, 00 gauges in my ears, a lip ring, and a tattoo just on my pelvic region. The tattoo was done by a heavy handed female apprentice so it hurt very much so! The tattoo means the most to me because it is a “love Kills Slowly” Ed Hardy piece. Any kind of love kills you a little on the inside.

4) In your opinion what is the best thing about being American? What I like most about being American is being able to live anywhere I want and do anything that I want.


5) Do you have any pets? I have 4 pets currently. I have a crazy white and gray ferret (Ms. Weasel) and have had her for almost 4 years, a sweet big, white rabbit (Ms. Bunny) and have had her 3 years, I have a crazy, gray, short haired cat (TheMister) and had him for 1 year and he was a rescue. Last but not least is Catarina aka my best friend, she is a very sweet, fluffy, ginger kitty, whom i have had for 12 years.

6) What is the last spontaneous thing you have done? The last spontaneous thing I have done was get an expensive suite in Las Vegas a couple months ago and shot awesome content and had so much fun being in Vegas! And flashing in the Monorail! hehe

7) Describe a typical Friday night: The typical Friday night is spent on Chaturbate with all of my fans!

8) If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be? I would love to meet Mariln Manson, He is one of my idols since childhood!

9) What is the craziest request you have received during a webcam show? The last crazy request from a customer he requested me sticking a popsicle in my butt! Haha it was interesting..


10) Have you ever been with another girl? I have been with one girl a few years ago, it was one of those drunken crazy nights haha. Since then i have not been with one.

11) What is your favorite sex toy? My favorite sex toy is my Couture Wand! It is smaller than the Hitachi and more powerful! I am always using it for Cumshows!

12) Are you into any fetishes? Gosh I have so many weird fetishes and i also get into other people’s fetishes on Chaturbate! I have a fetish for everything! …well almost everything lol

13) Any embarrassing moments on webcam? Always but the most embarrassing one is when i first started on chaturbate with my boyfriend and we were having sex on this old futon of mine and it broke while we were doing it!! So embarrassing!

14) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything from your wishlist? Oh yes they have bought stuff for my animals, chocolate fountain, sex toys, and stuff for blacklight shows!

15) How can members of the community get custom shot glasses? If they would like to purchase a custom siren666 shot glass they would need to pay 400 tokens if they are in the United States and 900 tokens for outside the United States! I also raffle them off every month aswell!

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