Model Spotlight: FionnaAndJimmy

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FionnaAndJimmy’s Chat Room:

1) How long have you been broadcasting on Chaturbate? We have been on Chaturbate as a cam couple for about 4 years and have loads of fun doing it!

2) How did you originally hear about the site? I was a solo cam girl on another site that did not allow couples. Many of my fans knew I had a boyfriend and wanted to see us in action. They would recommend Chaturbate from time to time and I decided to have a look at the site … After watching a few of the top girls and couples ¬†we decided we would give it a go! Here we are today 4 years later.

3) How did the topic of becoming a cam-couple come up? I some very loyal fans who are a very big part in learning new fun things to do on cam. One of them being my blow job skills! As its said by many many people “practice does make perfect!” and I learned how to deep throat really well. They started to encourage seeing my “live skills” aka on the boyfriend of 4 years! From there we gave camming a try as couple.


4) What is your favorite post show activity? Sitting at home eating a huge home cooked meal and snuggling with our pup Lucy while watching a documentary about nature and travel! Sometimes we have a cocktail or wine post cam and talk about life. We are sort of corner dorks trying to learn about life and nature! hahhahaha

5) What is the most bizarre request you’ve received on cam? Well we have been on cam for some time so we have had many odd requests and try not to judge people for their requests. Some will say silly things to get you off and get a laugh. BUTTTTT one stands out that was just so silly and awesome since its Fionnas favorite sandwich (ironically) was a tip request that was asked about several times’ was for Jimmy to make a HAM AND CHEDDAR CHEESE WITH DIJON MUSTARD AND LETTUCE SANDWICH!!!! Yes a sandwich… The best part is he wanted doggy style sex faces in camera eating like it was our only meal!!!!! LOL

6) Do you both do solo shows or are you strictly a couples account? We love each others company so much that we stopped our solo cams to be a full time couples account. It’s been over 4 years on Chaturbate and we love every day. During that time we have learned so much and want to continue our online adventures together. We have so much fun with our loyal and gracious friends/fans who relate to us as a couple.

7) What is your favorite gift you’ve received? We have received many items and tips from many lovely people BUT THE THING I WOULD ARGUE IS MOST IMPORTANT GIFT TO RECEIVE is the loyalty and generosity of the fans and friends we have made on Chaturbate. They have given us the longevity to make this our career.

8) What has been your favorite show you’ve done? Our favorite is when Evan Stone broke my vibrator on cam in New Jersey! Evan Stone always comes by we catch up but this time he had my vibrator remote control and was fooling around it. Apparently he didn’t know how to use it and accidentally broke it! Everything was caught on cam and we had a huge laugh about it. He still owes me a vibrator *hint hint Evan if you’re reading this*


9) Do you have an signature talents or shows your regulars look forward to? I DO!!!! Deep throat is my favorite thing to do! The sloppier the better! I do have this one thing I like to call “96”. I take control of Jimmy’s cock and do the backwards march while sucking his penis as he is laying on his back! If you want to know more you should come see us in chat! Tippers of 196 get a lovely teaser sample of the 96 show!

10) Who would you like to meet from the site, that you haven’t already? Thanks to Chaturbate we have had the opportunity to meet many many many lovely people at the expo’s. Two that stand out are Ashleyvex an English gal who is so very creative and artistic with lovely milky white skin to dye for! The other is Elisadeathnaked she’s a nerds dream girl! She likes to fucks light sabers and on top of that she is so sweet! It would be great to do shows with them.

11) What is one thing about living in Canada, that most people don’t know? That you can find a secluded place in the forest with a lake all to yourself! Just make sure to bring bug spray to avoid getting ass bites! And NOT ALL LIKE HOCKEY OR HAVE A PET BEAVER! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH On a serious note spring time is so beautiful with so many flowers, fresh water, and berries to eat! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

12) Please list some hobbies you enjoy in your free time: To be honest we are major foodies. We love to eat and try different types of food. Other stuff we enjoy is playing with animals (especially Lucy our dog), traveling, making friends, playing instruments and painting!

13) If you could both travel anywhere, where would you like to go? OLD BEGAN, MYRAMAR! There are the most temples in a 100 km radius than anywhere in the world! It’s located on the left side of LAOS and THAILAND. They do not allow camping so we have to take our time each day to plan the trip to see as many temples as possible.

14) What is your favorite Chaturbate app? Token keno because you never know whats going to happen! Jimmy and I have learned we are great on the fly as in Jimmy and I can pop to attention well haha! That’s the reason I think we as a couple have survived in top followed category.

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