Meet the Couple Behind TheBeeJayShow

Congratulations to TheBeeJayShow who recently hit their one-year Chaturbate Camiversary. Follow their room to watch their next show. But first, hear from them about how their lives completely changed after becoming Chaturbate broadcasters and how they reached their level of success. 

"Over the past year, there are so many things that we have come to love about camming on Chaturbate. It's the best job ever! I wake up every morning and think of a new and creative way to have sex with my girlfriend. We even get to have group projects and work with other models! With the freedom we found camming after quitting our 9-5 jobs, we have had so much more time to just enjoy our lives. And we love sharing those moments with our fans! Whether it be a hike, a cruise, a staycation, there's always a way to spice it up and make some fun content out of it.

And finally, our fans have been AMAZING! Talking to our regular fans is totally motivational. We couldn't do any of this if we didn't have people supporting us. When we hear how much we brightened their day, or that we brought a couple closer together, or when our fans are kind enough to compliment our work or invest in it with specific items we've requested, it's truly an incomparable feeling.

Camming has completely changed my perception of entrepreneurship for the best. We never imagined that a business entity like this could bring such joy. I never want to do work where I'm not this satisfied again. According to one of our viewers, we gave her the courage to ask out her crush. Now they're engaged! We are literally impacting people's lives, simply by having fun and being ourselves. It took us some time to find our footing and become completely comfortable with what we do, but the only regret we have is not being brave enough to do it sooner."

What are your plans for this next year on Chaturbate?
Next year, we are looking forward to putting out better quality content, more collaborations with other hot models, and hopefully more traveling. Up until this point, as many models struggle with, we have been concerned about family and friends finding our content online. But we have come to realize that this is our lives. We've got to live it the way we want, and that reluctance to take the next step was ultimately holding us back. So next year, we are releasing all baggage, and putting our best foot forward.

Did you receive any gifts from fans for your Camiversary? 
There were no special Camiversary toys requested. Instead, we gave something back to our fans for being so supportive of us. After hitting a year of camming, we finally gained 50,000 followers on Chaturbate! Through all of the ups and downs, we made it! So, we decided to create an appreciation video for all the people who stood by us. For only 1 token, our fans are able to follow us on one of our favorite hikes, which happens to be to a nude hot spring. It is a 20-minute video, which definitely took a bit of effort, but our fans are the reason we can even afford to pick up on a Tuesday afternoon and go hiking. Although camming full-time has proven its difficulties, reaching our first Camiversary has given us the confidence to continue to pursue this line of work. And for that, we couldn't be happier.