Sunny_Delight's 5 Year Camiversary

1. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary with Chaturbate! What would you say keeps you coming back to the site?

Chaturbate is an enchanting place where people from all over the world can come together. I have found unique gems in my room and I also continue to meet new interesting people here every day. It's a very magnetic combination of consistency and newness. Additionally, I can express myself through artistic experimentation and sensual exploration. I get excited about dancing to a new song or modeling an outfit. When my creative juices get to flow, I am happy. When charming people gather around me, I am delighted. I love thinking of new activities to do with my friends, and they love trying different ways to amuse me. To be able to broadcast my life in a raw realm of communication is freeing. As some of my closest nobles know, I have epic dreams about what I want to do on cam someday. My dreams inspire me because there is so much more that I want to share with the world, when the time comes.

2. You've created this beautiful Sun Kingdom. What is the best way for your loyal subjects to please their princess?

My loyal subjects please me in many different ways. Just by entering my castle and participating they shine for me. My nobles are respectful men who are gentle and kind, which makes me feel appreciated. I love when my nobles surprise me with sweet gestures and gifts when they are able. They remind me often why they love me and why they are happy in our kingdom.

3. What are some of the benefits to being one of your Nobles?

The names of my nobles are inscribed on the castle wall forever as a token of my appreciation for all that has been given. I'm always reminded of them and their generosity and admiration. My nobles get many other great privileges such as access to secret treasures of my Kingdom, my videos, photos, and a lot more. My nobles receive recognition and honor in my castle. They are my champions!

4. What is something sexy no one knows you do behind closed doors?

Something sexy that I do off cam is yoga in the nude. After a shower I do some yoga stretches while I am still naked or topless. I also like to practice my splits and other stretches. Other things I do off cam are bubble baths, cooking, watching comedies, and going to parks with my dog.

5. What is your favorite spot in the kingdom for sexual activities?

When the moment is right any spot is suitable, but like a true princess I love the pillow treatment, so probably in my four-post queen bed with giant pillows abound. One day I would like to have a sun room or a balcony with a bed overlooking the garden!

Check out Sunny_Delight's room Saturday, September 15th to celebrate her 5 year camiversary with Chaturbate.