Model Spotlight: PenelopePuppets

What is your favorite thing about webcam modeling?
My favorite part of webcam modeling is knowing that I get to be a part of someone's day. I can bring sex, I can bring connection, I can bring joy and a bit of confusion. I think for most people, day-to-day life can get a little ordinary. When I am on cam I get to really showcase my authentic self and by doing so, the connections I make with others feel more genuine and fun. I like to offer things that are different and make everyone chuckle a bit thinking about it the next day.  It is nice knowing that by just being myself I can help people break away from the routine and get a little silly, crazy, sexy or all the above!

What is your #1 Chaturbate crush?
There is absolutely no way I could narrow my crushes down to just one model. I have so many and each woman is so special and dear to me for their own unique reasons. They have all been so welcoming and warm towards me and we are always so happy to spend time in each other's rooms truly supporting one another!  Evahart, FairClaire, SentfrmHeaven, Surecakes, Piper from Good69Vibez, DaniLuvs2, LucyLiberty, MilfMonee and Sleezeburgerfetish. These are all wonderful women who give me a little sparkle when I see them online leaving me feeling happy, goofy, and a little more on the bi-side of things. Each woman is unique and gives a very different experience from the other.  

What is the one item on your wish-list you've been dying to receive?
My love language is gifts, so really the best kind of gift I could receive would be a gift that allows me to give back! While I appreciate any and every gift, The Polaroid camera set would be an awesome way to enable my giving nature by letting me take and send one of a kind pictures to some of my favorite fans! I would also really love the ride-able torso.

What is your favorite post-show activity?
I don't know if I have an actual activity that I routinely do! I am so busy with family, friends, volunteer work, and burlesque that I am usually signing off at the very last minute possible and heading out the door for my next adventure!

We heard you like to play a game called  Marshmallow Mary in your chatroom, can you tell us about that?
Haha! Oh, that was fast! Marshmallow Mary is a game I made up on the fly a few days ago. We only played it once but it was pretty funny. The idea is much like the Chubby Bunny game, where I put one giant marshmallow in my mouth at a time and recite X-rated Limericks between stuffing the next one in. The result is a mess and currently, I have not been able to make it past 5 mallows. "Marshmallow Mary" is just one of the many crazy game ideas that have been born out of random conversations I've had with the people of Chaturbate. Some other favorite games include " Sexy Seuss" and "Musical Jerk-Off". My favorite games though are ones that require audience participation like"What's My Name?" "Monkey See, Monkey Do", "Zookeeper" and "The Floor is Lava". We have a lot of fun in my room, something simple as a funny typo could lead to a spontaneous new game. It can be confusing and wild all at the same time. Things tend to go from "Sexy" to "WTF" and back again faster than I can get off the floor when its lava.

What is the most bizarre request you've received on cam? 
Bizarre is a relative term. What is completely normal for me tends to be bizarre for others. I believe I am the bizarre one on CB. Outside of fetishes, I typically get requests to wrestle giant teddy bears, strip to rather unconventional songs, lip-sync, and puppeteer...etc. but most of those requests come as a result of something I had previously done on my own. When I started camming, I used to have full conversations with a user named Wickedsithlord where I would talk and he would only reply with " Ass and Corn chips ", sometimes the reply would be in a tip note, sometimes not. This eventually lead to some sort of unspoken request for me to eat corn chips while wearing pantyhose, and sometimes I would wear the rubber unicorn mask at the same time.
I do miss that guy. I have also been asked to suck honey off my socks. I think everyone found that pretty bizarre.

Tell us about learning to bake and decorating cakes. How'd you get into that?
I have always been interested in creating art from food. Cakes were a suggestion by a friend who was watching Cake Boss when it first came out. "I bet you could do that!" he said. And never one to turn down a challenge, I took a class at a local hobby shop, 4 years later I had mastered the art, but no longer was having fun working for "the man." I was tired of long hours, little pay and even less appreciation. Now that I am a cam model, baking is fun again! I get to lick the bowl, wear much cuter aprons (if anything at all) and take spankings with a wooden spatula!

What is your favorite gift you've received?
I am over the top appreciative of any and all gifts I have received. I could never pick one. Whether it was a gift of tokens, an item from my wishlist, a drawing, a gift card, or simply a fun graphic or gif for my room, I appreciate the time, attention, money, and talent that goes into a thoughtful gift. I do really love my yodeling pickle though...and the t-shirts with NOT my name on them, and all my fun sex toys!

What is your best piece of advice for new patrons on the site?-
If you are looking to be entertained by the models, please do consider buying at least 100 tokens. You don't have to spend them all at once or even at all, but it does show that you take the model's time and attention seriously and are willing to interact with respect and in a way that everyone wins! Also, read the bios! Some of these girls work really hard on them to let you have a peek into their worlds to see if they are the right girl for you! Also, you may never know if they will do something crazy like... lip-sync, strip, and dance with puppets or wrestle a giant bear if you limit your view to just their chat window! (*ahem* I do and will!)

If you are looking to cam, my best advice is to do your research, watch the tutorials, talk to models and really get to know the industry a bit so you can be sure you are doing things as safely and as profitable as possible. Then be patient when you do start, be flexible, find what works for you and your followers and if one day it stops working, be flexible to do something else!

What has been your favorite show you've done?
They ALL are! I have loved every one of my shows. I can't measure them by the token amount or room count, only by the amount of fun I am having and the overall mood I am putting into it. I am a firm believer that you get out of something what you put in. So I always try to put in as much fun, silly, sexy things as possible. I am eager to do new things all the time and always willing to shift focus or change directions based on what is working or what might work, or even what might not work as I do believe success can be found in failure if you learn from it and move on.

I often use dance party shows to elevate my mood. I strip, dress, strip, dress, strip again, over and over until I am a hot sweaty girl. I have enjoyed a few baking and painting shows in the past but I really just like to flip on the cam and be surprised about what the day and my viewers have in store! It's like falling down a rabbit hole every time I hit "Broadcast" and that is how I like it! I have done so many things--I have wrestled watermelons, spanked myself with sparklers, layered on 20+ pieces of clothing and danced out of them, showered in a rubber unicorn mask, and I have even done a show in a giant inflatable dinosaur costume. Everything is as fun as you want to make it.  

Do you have any signature talents or shows your regulars look forward to?
I think my regulars really do enjoy the lip syncing puppet shows as well as the dancing and stripping. It seems to be the thing I spend the most time doing with a little bit of sex and cumming tossed in. They enjoy my creativity and ability to laugh at myself in almost every situation (including..." the zipper incident!")

Who would you like to meet from the site, that you haven't already?
All of the women I listed above, I would have an amazing time with each of them whether it was camming together, shopping, or drinking coffee while wearing funny things on our heads and over-thinking dick fires (Clair). I do also hope to have the opportunity one day to meet some of my regulars at an expo or event where I will hopefully be dancing alongside Sleezeburger and confusing boners live and in person.

Where is your favorite place to cam in your home? 
I am usually in my room just for comfort, privacy, and easy access to all my costumes and toys, but I actually really love hanging out in my living room and kitchen because it feels extra exhibitionist. I have to watch my curtains and dodge the mailman sometimes, but I love having the freedom to run around a large space and dance naked!

We see you sell your panties. Tell us about that!
Panties are just the start of all the fun goodies I love to send out to my Chaturbate friends! If I am appreciative of someone I let it show, personalized cards, treats, special panties with stories and notes. I love to give gifts.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to go?
Back in Time! What did you think I was going to say, Ireland or something? Ok... totally Ireland, or Australia.

What are your favorite fetishes/requests you cater to on the site?
I love doing anything that is slightly different. I have done the foot play, the pantyhose is pretty popular, the seemingly simple requests like fingering and tasting myself always get me going. One of the things I really love about camming is constantly being exposed to new and exciting kinks and fetishes. I try to approach them all with an open mind.

What are your favorite sex toys?
My Confetti dildo, Tokidoki Unicorno Wand, and my Bouncy Sex Chair! It looks like a luggage rack, oh but it is not! So much fun to bounce and play on! You have to see it yourself to know how cool that thing is.

What is your favorite Chaturbate app?
All-in-One for practical reasons, The voting apps are super fun when it comes to deciding what panties I should wear to the gym, and the dice game never fails to be a roaring good time... unless it's Friday the 13th and someone rolls a cumban that lasts 10 days, ends worlds, divides countries, ends friendships and causes war and famine.

We love your pamper menu, can you tell us about that?
I wanted to offer people a way to directly influence my daily life away from cam, so I listed a few items that make me feel like a special pampered princess and attached the token amounts to them. If someone wishes to gift me the amount for one of these pampering items, such as a massage, they will in return receive some sexy secret photos of me enjoying the service. If they choose nails, they get to choose the nail art theme and then receive naughty pics of my nails... you know.. in places.

Do you have any plans for special guest appearances in the future?
As of right now, no. No one besides the puppets, but that could change as I continue to meet and visit with more models. Occasionally the Handyman I managed to seduce last Christmas while he was snowed in at my place and I was camming, will join me for shows. He is an attractive, fit, younger man with tattoos and muscles. We have been working on trying to get him into a Fred Flintstone costume so he can give Wilma (me) a pearl necklace but so far he has managed to remain unpersuaded. He is considering a Thor role, however!

Do you have any special goals for 2018?
Just to finish out the year better than last year, stay consistent, continue doing weird stuff that makes people either shake their heads in confusion or shake their fists in furious masturbation.
As for 2019 my goals are to make it to 2 expos, get my blog site published, help at least 10 new cam girls get started safely and smartly, to get the Handyman in the Fred costume, and to make a difference in someone's day every day by being a tiny speck of glitter in an otherwise boring drab world.