Model Spotlight: Russian Transgender Beauty Amoramias777

What is your favorite thing about webcam modeling?
I can say that webcam is my life! It gives me the opportunity to express myself, unleash my personality and move forward as me. I love my body, my beautiful and sexy lingerie, and I just love to communicate and meet other people as well as study their psychology.

Who is your 1# Chaturbate crush?
My “crush” is Newchloe18. She is so creative and unique, always happy and in a good mood.

What is the one item on your wish-list you've been dying to receive?
Right now I would like the new iMac Retina 5k to improve the quality of my webcam work.

What is your favorite post show activity?
Thai massage and spa is a must! Every week I get it--chocolate wrapping and a massage with herbal bags and oils.

In your bio you mention you are Chaturbate's first transgender post-op model. Can you tell us about your experience navigating the site? 
It is a very interesting topic for everybody. When I started to work in September, nobody believed me and they would always send messages, like “you are a fake, you are lying.” On one hand, it's a compliment that people don't believe I was born with another body and have ended up to be the person I am today. It definitely wasn't an easy journey.  But I'd like to invite everyone who still doesn't believe me to participate in one of my private shows! Haha! Then you will see my body features. 

What is the most bizarre request you've received on cam?
Even I'm ashamed to talk about this one! One member asked me to eat boogers in private. LOL! 

If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to go?
I really want to travel around the United States--See New-York, LA, Chicago, San-Francisco, Miami, visit Disneyland and the Harry Potter park.

Is it true that blondes have more fun?
Blondes may be seen as cheerful and easy girls, maybe even stupid, but you should never judge the book by its cover.

What is your favorite gift you've received?
A diamond ring made out of white gold. It is my most beloved and dear gift. 

What are you favorite sex toys?
I like the Lovense Lush and Nora. It is very cool when a man can control and please me from a distance.

What is your favorite Chaturbate app?
 I always use Tip Goal King, Lovense-Me, Tip Menu Plus 20, Roll The Dice and Ultra Bot. I really enjoy Chaturbate because it offers the opportunity to customize everything as I want – profile design, apps, funny smiles – it's very cool! Apps also play an important role since they help me to attract users. I always use Tip Goal King, Lovense-Me, Tip Menu Plus 20, Roll The Dice and Ultra Bot.

What is your best piece of advice for new patrons on the site?
Develop! Always improve yourself. There are 3 things that are very important : First, your inventory (computer, internet speed, webcam, microphone). Second is your appearance (beautiful smile and hair, perfect manicure, sexy lingerie, etc.). And lastly, your charisma and charm. It's impossible to succeed if you show just your body; fans need to see and feel the emotions, mood and energy from the model.

What has been your favorite show you've done?
I like to tease users and dance erotically in beautiful lingerie, so it creates intrigue. It's very mesmerizing and attracting to men, much more than when everything is available and predictable.

Do you have any signature talents or shows your regulars look forward to?
My main talent is charisma and charm. I really love my members and they are very polite and generous. Every day I appear in new beautiful clothes, and my regular members are waiting for me, so I try to surprise them by doing something different, being positive and having a great time. Guys, thanks for being with me! You are the very best! 

Who would you like to meet from the site that you haven't already?
I am hoping to meet my future billionaire-husband! haha. Actually, I'm happy to meet new people and invite everybody to my chatroom and I promise that you will receive the most vivid emotions and a good mood!

Where is your favorite place to cam in your home?
Now I'm broadcasting only at home on my big and beautiful bed. But in the future, when I buy a new computer and a camera, I want to do a show in the bathroom and the kitchen. I think it will be interesting for people to watch as I take a bath with a lot of foam or cook a delicious dinner in sexy lingerie.

What are your favorite fetishes/requests you cater to on the site?
My main fetish is sexy lingerie. I have more than 200 sets of different colors and types. I also love fun pajamas--they're so sweet and fun! 

Tell us about living in Russia.
I live in Moscow, which is a very big and interesting city. Life is expensive here, but if you are successful, you can live in comfort and receive quality service. There are many interesting places, entertainment, and every person can succeed if he tries very hard and overcomes difficulties. Life in other cities is very different from Moscow; there is a different level of life. All who have not been to Russia and Moscow, I invite you to visit! You will not regret it. Russian people are very sincere, kind and hospitable.

Do you have any plans for special guest appearances in the future?
Recently I started doing the show "Cum blowjob." I use soy yogurt, it looks very sexy...I hope, haha. Soon I want to buy a special dildo that I can pour yogurt into so it will look even more realistic and exciting. 

Do you have any special goals for 2018?
My main goal is to buy a new Mercedes. I really want a new car, I've had a driver's license since I was 18 years old, and I drive really well. I hope that Chaturbate will help me to achieve this goal because for me, this is the best site that I used. P.S. This is not advertising. 

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