Lexi_Luv Shares Her Plans for Year Two

Congratulations to Lexi_Luv, who recently reached her one-year Camiversary. Learn more about Lexi_Luv and follow her to catch her next live show.

What has been your favorite thing approaching your 1 year camiversary?
My favorite thing about hitting my first full year on cam has been the relationships I have been able to build with viewers. The community that forms over such a short period of time is just incredible. There are viewers I have only known for a few months, yet I feel closer to them than some of my offline friends. They make me laugh endlessly and I can tell many people genuinely care and want to support me. That support is so important while living in a society that tends to criticize people working in the adult industry.

What are you looking forward to in the next year?
This last year was just testing the waters. I cammed solo for a while and finally saved up enough by camming to move my boyfriend across the country so we could be together. Now we cam as a couple. We are ready to kick things up a notch and really get serious with camming since we're not settled. I cannot explain how excited I am to get things rolling. We have some big plans for year 2. We plan to start by attending some of the industry's leading conventions this spring and meeting other broadcasters and professionals along the way. I want to see how big we can make this thing, I feel that as long as my eyes are on the prize, the possibilities are endless!

Did you receive any Camiversary gifts from your fans?
We often receive gifts from viewers, things from sex toys to clothing, electronics and home furnishings, all the way to presents for our dog (which she loves to tear open!) However, my Camiversary came quickly and kind of snuck up on me! By the time I realized my mark was coming up, I did not really have much time to notify followers and barely had time to throw together a celebration on cam. I will say though, right before my camiversary, we were able to purchase a nice DSLR camera completely from fan donations! I cannot describe to you how thankful I was to have everyone come together to sponsor such a large purchase. The camera has been a such a wonderful investment in our career choice and words can't express how grateful I am to be part of such an amazing community who supports us in so many different ways!