CherryVonFairy's 5 Year Camiversary

CherryVonFairy has the perfect party planned for her 5 year camiversary with Chaturbate. Here's a rundown of events she has taking place that'll pop your expectations.

To start, you'll be able to crawl into bed and play with CherryVonFairy's gorgeous balloons. 

They're rumored to be sensitive to touch, so you'll have to be sure to handle them with care.

When things get hot and heavy, CherryVonFairy will ask you to lick the tips of her balloons.

Afterwards she'll carefully take out your candy stick and suck on it until she has it properly soaked with saliva. 

She'll then ask you to put it deep inside her so she can make sure it's exploding with taste. 

Next, it will be time for presents. CherryVonFairy is hoping you leave her with something to remember you by. 

The fun won't stop there. True to her name, this will be when the real magic starts to happen. 

CherryVonFairy will show you another reason why this is the best party you've ever attended.

It'll be time for dessert. CherryVonFairy's excited to hear what you think about her special cake. 

Make sure to prepare. You're bound to have the best sugar rush of your life when you come to her room.

Have all your wishes granted in CherryVonFairy's 5 year camiversary show on Wednesday, September 26th.