AnaTheMinx's One Year Camiversary

AnaTheMinx recently hit her One Year Camiversary and she has definitely grown to love some "kinks" during her time on Chaturbate. What are they? BDSM, CGL, and Cuckhold are just a few of the things she enjoys most. Get to know her then visit her room to see her next show! 

What has been your favorite thing approaching your One Year Camiversary?
It’s definitely been seeing how much I’ve grown since I started. When I began camming, I was very unsure of what I could achieve, but I've learned a lot this year and met some really great people on Chaturbate! I even have a couple of regulars that make for such a fun and sexy time during my camming hours--it rules!

What are you looking forward to in the next year?  
I’d like to expand my cam activities and come up with more fun games and concepts for my viewers. And of course, I look forward to getting more cute and saucy outfits to dress up in for my fans! I plan to continue evolving and showing even more of the experience I’ve gained from this past year.