Looking For Canadian Broadcasters!

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We are looking for broadcasters located in Canada. If you would like to represent Chaturbate.com at an Expo and currently live in Canada please e-mail Shirley@Chaturbate.com for more information. Please make sure to include your username.

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eXXXotica Expo Hits New Jersey

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Chaturbate.com will be attending eXXXotica in Edison, New Jersey on October 4-6, 2013. The event will be held at New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center. Come to booth # 629 and meet BaileyXPaige, MaryXXXJane, DirtyBlondeBarbie, and SexyGamer4u. They will be taking pictures and signing autographs for fans!

Meet Chaturbate Broadcasters!


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Model Spotlight: MelodyKush

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MelodyKush’s Chat Room: http://chaturbate.com/melodykush/

1) How did you come up with the nickname Melody Kush? For a long time I was just Melody.. for my love of music :) Kush came a few years after, for my love of… well… you know ;)

2) In your opinion what is the best thing about being Canadian? Why, the weed of course! Haha Also French girls, health care and the Maritimes.

3) What is the last spontaneous thing you have done? I’d have to say having sex over a busy Montreal overpass with heavy traffic. It was pretty hot. I’m just glad we didn’t cause any accidents!

4) Do you have any crushes on anyone at Chaturbate? Omigosh so many!! But to slice it down and mention the ones that I could watch ALL DAY are MissMia420, BlazeFyre, SmokerFetish, Purple_Star, MandyXMetal and JessicaLapin69. They all have such great personalities and make me laugh :)

5) Describe a typical friday night Haha well it’s one of two extremes. Either I’m out with anywhere between 10-40 friends having a massive BBQ, going to show or an after-hours event… Or I’m at home with my fiance watching TV or playing online poker :)

6) If you could go on a date with anyone dead or alive who would it be? Well, my weird celebrity crush is Christian Slater (I know, weird right?) but it’s mostly Christian Slater from True Romance

7) What is your favorite TV show? Archer, Seinfeld and Craig Ferguson are my favs

8) Name something you absolutely LOVE: Hot chocolate. It’s just so warm and comforting and tasty :)

9) Do you play any games or sports? I play poker, it’s by far my fav game. Also crib, backgammon, pool or bowling… I guess I like them because these are the games I grew up playing :) As for sports, I’m more into watching than playing.

10) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything? Oh man… how much time do you have? lol I have received multiple gift cards to Victoria’s Secret which has allowed me to get a ton of panties, some perfume, also a few pieces of lingerie :) I’ve also received a few new toys. My new thing is Black Milk Clothing e-gift cards (my current obsession) which have helped me pay for 2 awesome pairs of leggings :P I’ve been treated to a nice dinner with my fiance for our engagement. I got some BBQ products from Texas, some hot chocolate, a cowboy hat and a bottle of bourbon :P Fans have also helped me raise funds for my trips to Vegas, and Chicago for Exxxotica… Even to buy a new laptop that I desperately needed! The generosity required to make all this happen is beyond me, and I’m thankful each and every day :)

11)What is your favorite webcam memory? It was my Las Vegas password show for my “High Five Club” members of the time :) I got engaged less than 24 hrs before, woke up in a beautiful room with a glass of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, a fruit plate for breakfast from room service – all ready for my special show. It was intimate with just a few dedicated fans celebrating with me, which made it so perfect :) It was only supposed to last an hour, and I broadcasted for over 3 hours I was having so much fun chatting! I particularly enjoyed sticking my dildo on the giant window overlooking Vegas and f***ing Vegas doggy style haha yeah :) Memories :)

12) Ever had any embarrassing moments caught on cam? Hahaha I don’t get embarrassed easily, I’m the type to laugh it off :) But one day, one of my first mirror shows, I came so hard at the end of one of my shows, but at the exact same time I sliced my finger open on the edge of my mirror that had just slipped out of its frame. LOL Not embarrassing really, but kind of a buzzkill haha

13)What song can you listen to on repeat and ever get tired of it? “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding. If I had 10 million dollars, all I’d wanna do is sit on the edge of the water listening to waves, like this song. Or “Lazy” by Deep Purple lol I’m laid back.

14) Do you have any body decorations? Yeah I have 2 tattoos and many piercings :) I have a Chinese letter that signifies “eternity” on my back and an old basement tattoo on my leg of a scorpion scratching/holding a vinyl record. I will eventually save up to get a half lower leg sleeve to cover it up and expand the artwork on my body to a new level :) Piercings I have my nose, labret (chin), tongue, 5 holes in my ears and 2 microdermal implants on the back of my neck :) all of which are between 11-16 years old except for my dermals which are about 5 yrs old. The dermals are my favorite body deco on my body :)

15) Are you into any fetishes? To be honest, I don’t really have one fetish above another. I’m obviously an exhibitionist lol and I do enjoy light bondage and occasional choking

16) Favorite sex position? Doggy style!! Sweet or rough, it’s always good ;) I like having my face mashed in a pillow, and it shows off my big butt haha

17) In your opinion what is your best body feature? Hmmm Some may argue that it’s my bum lol but for me it’s my eyes. I get asked constantly if they’re real or contacts. It my favorite compliment about me physically :)

18) Do you have a quote you live by? I’m in no way a religious person, but this has always stood out for me: “Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you”. I’m a firm believer in karma :)

Make sure to hit Follow http://chaturbate.com/melodykush/

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Model Spotlight: KristynnLoveely

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KristynnLoveely’s Chat Room http://chaturbate.com/kristynnloveely/

1) How did you come up with your alter ego “KristynnLoveely”?–Well, I randomly found the website chaturbate (lifechanging by the way) and the first person to catch my attention was Techosexx! I clicked on her room and was instantly addicted to her beauty ! I tried to tell her how amazing she was but I needed to make an account, so I quickly made an account with the first name i could think of , and never bothered to change it :) I never knew I would become a model, or I probably would’ve put more thought into it !

2) Where is the wildest place you’ve done a broadcast?–My livingroom? LOL I’ve been keeping it mostly in the bedroom FOR NOW but I’m sure you’ll be seeing my shows in a more public setting ! I just have yet to find the perfect place.

3) How do members of the community get involved with you High Society club?–You can easily become a member of “The High Society” with a single tip of 420 tokens :) Members are highlighted on my bio & in chat! When someone joins, they get any request they desire granted and goal is automatically complete, no matter how many tokens are needed :)

4) In your opinion what is the sexiest trait?– Sexiest trait anyone could possibly have a great personality! I know it sounds cheesy, but in my opinion it’s 100% true.

5) What is the craziest request you’ve received during a webcam show? Definitely the time someone came into my room and took me to private and asked me to brush my hair for him ! He loved every minute of it and stayed over an hour ! :)

6) Do you have any body decorations? –I have a fair amount of body decorations. For piercings I have each ear pierced twice, my nose, “crows-feet”, and under my tongue done :) For tattoos I have 2 names, one on each foot, of the 2 most important people in my life ! Concept being “every step of the way “. And I’m actually getting another tattoo soon :)

7) What was the last spontaneous thing you’ve done?–Latenight skinnydipping :) It was a blast!

8) Have you ever been with another girl?–I absolutely LOVE girls. You’ll often find me on cam with my super sexy best friend Krystal. We love to dance and and have LOTS of sexy fun together ! It’s honestly never a dull moment (especially when we break out the whipped cream) ! “Tuesdaynightspecial” is a weekly occasion that our “lovelies” rarely miss !

9) If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be?–I would have to say I’d love to meet Jenna Marbles! (if you don’t know who she is, youtube it.NOW) She’s just so funny and has a great energy and i think it would be non-stop entertainment if we were chillin’ together.

10) What is your favorite sex toy? –My favorite sex toy SO FAR is definitely my designer “Ed Hardy” pink vibrator. It hits all the right spots and does me riiight ;)

11) Do you have any fetishes? –I haven’t yet dedicated myself to a specific fetish yet, but I’m known to be a bit freaky! I love to try new things! I am 100% dominant. Recently I bought an electroshock pulsating torture kit, and I’m dying to know how fun it’s gonna be !
12) If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring 3 things. What would you bring?–Definitely my sunglasses (can’t live without them) , My laptop because i think it’d be fun to cam on a deserted island! aaand a boat -for obvious reasons- ’cause I’m clever like that lolol.

13) Any embarrassing moments on webcam?–The most embarrassing moment on cam for me is when Krystal (my best friend) and I kissed for the first time ! All of my fav’s were in my room at that point and everyone laughed at the fact that we could “go down” on each other so easily , yet I couldn’t keep a straight face for a simple kiss !

14) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything? –YES :) I actually just received a necklace in the mail today from S3pultrib3 :) Its absolutely gorgeous! Other gifts I’m waiting for are a hitachi (I’m super excited) a vibrator that looks like a tube of red lipstick and some nail polish :)

15) What is the first thing you do when you wake up?–The first thing I do when I wake up is check the time, and then listen to my favorite song of the week. This week it’s “Change by Deftones” . It somehow makes my day brighter and better :) I don’t drink coffee or anything like that, so I rely on music for my morning pick-me-up :)

16) What is the last thing you do before going to bed?–Last thing I typically do before going to bed is think ! I just take about 30 mins and reflect on life and the days that passed as well as the days to come. It’s nice to relax and take time for yourself before bed ! Makes for a better sleep.

17) Describe a typical Friday night?–Typical Friday night are usually spent with everyone on Chaturbate! :) It’s relaxing, fun, and I love chillin’ with my amazing fans/followers <3

18) Any guilty pleasures?–I absolutely LOVEEEE radio BINGO ! Lame, I totally know, but once I won 5000$ ! If you’re standing outside my window on a Wednesday evening, you’ll most definitely hear me yelling at my stereo lololol :)

Make sure to hit “Follow” http://chaturbate.com/kristynnloveely/

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Pictures and Video from Exxxotica-Expo

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Chaturbate.com sponsored the worlds largest event dedicated to Love & Sex, EXXXOTICA-Expo. The expo was held at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago, IL during July 12-14, 2013. For 3 days webcam girls RamonaFlour, BaileyXpaige, Hot_Milfy_Mom and LillyDawn  did interviews, signed autographs, and met thousands of fans.

We were thrilled to meet Thor_Almighty, MrsKellyPierce, AudreyBorden and MelodyKush members from the Chaturbate community.

For video click here

A special thank you to MrFingerPaints for sending flowers to LillyDawn. They complimented the booth nicely!
Thank you MrFingerPaints

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Model Spotlight: Tolender

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Tolender’s Chat Room: http://chaturbate.com/tolender/

1) How did you come up with the screenname Tolender? The screenname comes from my days on a earlier model site when I was 18 and came as a abbreviation of the words “Totally End Her” which got shortened to Tolender and it has been my common screen name on most things affiliated to me.

2) What are your plans for your 23 birthday? I have a massive Cam party on the 9am the 2nd of September for most European and Australian countries and 1st of September for the USA. There will be cake and a massive amount of games and prize’s. I will be having a presents opening, a preshow hang out which you can win tickets to through out the month of August during games nights and other games, but you can also buy them during shows for a solid tip of 230. Why 230? Because I will be turning 23 silly. Anyone is welcome on the day to come and hang and play some game’s all tips are welcome but its also just there for fun, There is a poster in my profile showing the relevant times and dates of the Show.

3) When you walk into a bar/club what is the first thing you order? Hmmmm when I walk in a club the first thing I order is a Wet Pussy shot. There is nothing better to start of a night. From there it’s all up hill!

4) If you could go on a date with anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be? If I could date anyone in the world I would have to say it would be Ryan Reynolds, like hello have you seen that sexy ass piece of man meat, six pack abs and just all over yummy! Plus I’m a big DC/Marvel fan so the fact he played the Green lantern made him 3x as sexy to me.

5) What was the last spontaneous thing you have done? Hmmmm I’m pretty much all over spontaneous. I love to be random and outgoing, but I would say while playing Truth or Dare app on Chaturbate, I was dared to act like a monkey by one off my followers and hang off my swing set. I would have to say that was pretty damn spontaneous.

6) How can Chaturbate get involved in your Freak Show club? It’s pretty easy to get involved in the freak show all you have to do is pay the monthly fee of $5.99 and you get all area’s access to all my pictures and videos in my bio. It also gives you access to my funtastic Fan Club show at the end of every month which only my Fan Club members get to see. These shows are generally very different from my normal shows and are tip free I will take requests from members and fulfill there wish’s.

7) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything? I have received alot of Gifts from some very amazing people in my short 5 months on CB it would take up all day to just to list them all so i will name my top 5, i have received 56 x Funko vinyl toys (they are little figure’s based on characters from movies and tv series) i love these things to death. I have received a xbox, ps3, 6 pairs of shoe’s (i love shoes) a leather jacket and many other things.

8) Do you have any hidden talents? I have a few talents actually, i am a qualified pastry chef so I’m pretty amazing at making cakes, I’m very very very flexible you can often see me in awkward pose’s and positions on cam, i learned this at young ages when yes i attempted Auto -

9) What song/band could you listen on repeat all day long and never be tired of it? I could listen to any thing from Rhianna, she is amazing her songs have such amazing rifts and cords, i actually became associated with Rhianna after performing with her when she did her tour down under, so i have a very soft spot for her.

10) What is the wildest request you have received while webcamming? Well i have one that come’s screaming to mind and i now have the nickname lawnmower boy because of it , well this viewer tip requested me to put anal beads in me, then rip them out as if i was starting a lawn mower . Yes i did it and yes it felt good but it was also funny as hell.

11) Have you ever had an embarrassing moment while broadcasting? Well this happened recently, during a round of Truth or dare a viewer dared me to show them around my house, so being a dare i did, as I was showing them around the house i came to the last room the being the laundry and as i opened the door my mother, was hiding in there, and she jumped out and scared the life out off me and i screamed like a little girl . it was so funny the whole room was laughing their ass’s off. it has only happend once but it was so funny.

12) Do you have any crushes on anyone at Chaturbate? I have a few Chaturbate crushes my biggest would have to be Fearlessguy654 he is adorable and so cute, matt36,purpletail, devilsangel7852, ry2uz1,satanslover, curzon, Kaldog104, bbigler, socalboy93, swordboy58, Dylanbabe777, 19hung, nickchi1, jaychristopher, Glenn2507, Kaleb21 I love all these people they make me laugh so much there are many more but i would be here all god dam day.

13) Where is the craziest place you have done a webcam show? to date the craziest place I’ve done a show was in my backyard , it was all fun and fine until my neighbor peaked over the fence, i shat myself and ran inside, would i do it again sure i would lol, it was fun and exhilarating and scary all at the same time.

14) Are you into any fetishes? Actually I have a bunch of fetish’s! I’m into biting, assplay, S&M, Fury and a lot more. Do I bring them onto cam? Hells yeah, I do! I love to share my kinks with the world. It’s fun to see if others are into the same things.

15) Tell us about your favorite sex toy: My favorite would be my Tenga Flip. It does have a name, I call it “Flipper” lol It’s simple but funny as hell. For all who dont know what a Tenga Flip is, its a male masturbation tool, kind of like a fleshlight but 10x more amazing. It has some crazy insides and feels amazing. The reason it’s my favorite is because it feels so god dam amazing and makes me cum way to fast!!!

16) When you like someone how do you show it? I am very loud and outgoing but when I really like someone I get all kinds of shy and nervous and i go really quiet and tend to giggle a lot. Its kinda obvious to the person when I like them.

17) Do you have any body art? I have 4 tattoo’s. I have a Norse Dragon on my shoulder, Star’s running up my abdomen, a wolf on my shoulder blade and kanji for wolf on my left pec. What inspired me? I love body art and the feeling of getting tattooed and it feels amazing and is addictive. My first one was the kanji on my pec but my favorite would be my star’s as it looks amazing and sexy…. I think. The one with the most meaning would be my dragon as I designed it as a memorial to my best friend who died of leukemia and dragons were her favorite creature so I though what better way then to put something that will forever reminded me of her.

Make sure to hit “Follow” http://chaturbate.com/tolender/

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Penthouse Pet of July 2013 Joins Chaturbate

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Penthouse Pet of July 2013 Natalia Starr will be doing a special feature show on Chaturbate.com Tuesday August 27, 2013 at 7 p.m. (10 p.m. EST). Fans will access to a free show, where they’ll be able to ask questions, make requests, have the opportunity to tip or get a private show.

Miss. Starr has graced the covers of Hustler, Penthouse, and Club magazine.  In addition to shooting films with major publications like Brazzers, Naughty America, Digital Playground, and Nubile Films.

Make sure to hit “follow” on Natalia Starr’s Chaturbate page  and be notified by email when she’s online.

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Model Spotlight: Lizlavender

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Lizlavender’s Chat Room: http://chaturbate.com/lizlavender/

1) How did you come up with the nickname Lizlavender? I came up with the name Lizlavender by combining the shortened version of my actual middle name (Elizabeth), and one of my favorite colors is purple (especially lavender shade). It seemed fitting for me!

2) In your opinion what is the best thing about being 24 years old? The best part about being 24 years old is being able to do everything you want and be treated as an adult. Compared to 18, I know myself a lot more and what I want in my life. Six years is a lot of time to grow!

3) How can Chaturbate get involved in the Alt Girl Lovers Club? To join the AGLC, you must tip 177 in one hit and it is a club for guys (or gals!) who enjoy/appreciate the look of alt/pierced women. I do a pw private show once a month everytime someone tips the amount and send them one pic set of their choice. It is special because it describes me on the inside and how I aspire to be aesthetically, mind body and soul!

4) Do you have any crushes on anyone at Chaturbate? I have a lot of favorite models that I love hanging out with: Audreyborden (she is so sweet, and like my best friend in another state, LOVE HER!!), Fotch (best redhead on CB, amazing eyes and is always so nice and love those nice boobs), Blazefyre (just adorable and true to herself, what’s not to love?!), privatebeach (she always keeps it real, no bs), jayco666 (such a perv, and I love him for it), predsboy16 (my sugardaddy in TN that shows me the love), onfire55 (my other sugardaddy LOL), freakyoreofun (she gave me so much advice that was useful here, I thank her for it!), and Ramonaflour (the tattoos are cute, and rocking body <3)

5) Describe a typical friday night A typical Friday night for me is simple, perhaps boring for most people! I am not the party type like most girls my age, I instead spend my nights on Chaturbate with my friends showing my booty cam, spend a night in with my fiancé Eric, or we hang out with our good friend and play cards and jam to some tunes!

6) If you could go on a date with anyone dead or alive who would it be? If I could go on a date with anyone dead or alive, it would have to be Adam Levine from Maroon 5. I chose him, plain and simple, because he is drop dead gorgeous and sexy. He is my celebrity husband, just doesn’t know it yet.

7) What is your favorite TV show? My absolutely favorite TV show is Dexter. I like it because of the very detail plot, and how every season of it (On its 8 last one. The characters are so dynamic and amazingly life-like. It is a very popular program on SHOWTIME and it has Michael C. Hall in it and Jennifer Carpenter. I recommend it highly!

8) Name something you absolutely LOVE: My fiancé is the one thing I absolutely LOVE. He is so sweet and loving, funny and caring. I am glad he is in my life. He supports me here and doesn’t judge me for it.

9) Name something you absolutely HATE: Please stated why you hate it so much. I absolutely hate liars. I hate liars because I am a blunt person, and I see lying as the easy way out and it is very immature. I am about telling it like it is, and if people can’t say it or twist the truth, I can’t handle that.

10) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything? YES TONS. I have gotten many toys, an Ipod 4G (as a wedding gift from a good friend), lingerie, e-cards for clothes, multi-colored wig, new webcam, electronics, and so many other things!

11) What is your favorite webcam memory? I have so many memorable moments on cam. One show I did in the hospital while fiancé was admitted was memorable – I did a shower show, and had to be super sneaky and work around the nurse round times. I ended up making around 1500-2000 tokens just on that show. It was thrilling, yet so much fun! J

12) Ever had any embarrassing moments caught on cam? I had ONE moment that embarrassed me, “lady red” decided to visit in middle of a show HAHA! I told my viewers I had to go and then I shut the computer and took care of business, and got back on later after initial shock!

13) When you like a guy how do you show it? When I am into a guy, it is very evident. I am a very clingy and sappy person. If I like a guy, he KNOWS it. I may come off a weird and strange about it, but I always mean well. I talk to the person a lot and want to be around them if I like a guy. I just know. Engaged now, so that skill isn’t needed anymore.

14) What is a monroe piercing? A Monroe piercing is an upper lip piercing that can go on either the left or right off set on lip. It is named after Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark. Yes I have a Monroe, and have had it for a few months and love it! It didn’t hurt surprisingly; it was painless compared to my nose, which was very painful. I am planning to get more piercings too.

15) Are you into any fetishes? I wouldn’t really call this a fetish, but I love being spanked. I found out I liked it when someone did it to me and couldn’t get enough. Add in hair pulling, and you had me at hello. I also am a fan of light tie up bondage.

16) Favorite sex position? My favorite sex position would have to be doggy. I like that I can be fully entered and pleasured, while having my hair pulled and spanked hard.

17) In your opinion what is your best body feature? A I get different opinions on what my best is (i.e. – eyes, boobs, ass, vag, smile). My best feature in my opinion though is my boobs! They could rule the world if they wanted to. They are so bouncy too, love ‘em!

18) Do you have a quote you live by? “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Make sure to hit “Follow” http://chaturbate.com/lizlavender/

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Get More Visitors in Your Room

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Visit ads.chaturbate.com to upload banners of yourself. You can advertise any room on chaturbate. The banner can be set to only appear when you are online and you can fund your account with Chaturbate tokens.

Tokens For Ads

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Congratulations To Voluptuosityxxx

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Earlier this month Voluptuosity had a Private Show for 1 hour and 37 minutes at 60 tokens per minute! Congratulations!!!!

Private Show

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