Model Spotlight: KinseyVilePlume

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KinseyVilePlume’s Chat Room:

1) How did you come up with the screenname KinseyVilePlume? I’m a huge Pokemon geek so I knew that my screenname would have to include one of the original 151 pokemon! I’ve always been especially fond of grass types, and vileplume just seemed to suit me. For those that don’t immediately make the pokemon connection, it’s got a darker feel to it, which I also like. KinseyMewtwo just didn’t have quite the same ring to it.

2) What is the best thing about being born in the 90’s? That’s such a tough question! What wasn’t great about the 90’s? I guess for me it would be a tie between 90’s fashion and 90’s TV shows. There was such a good energy and vibe about the 90’s and it really came through in the way we dressed- from TLC’s crop tops and parachute pants and Spice Girls’ micro mini skirts and giant platform boots, to Will Smith’s Jordans and neon vests. I love that bold, edgy, whimsical kind of fashion and have tried to hold onto a lot of the spirit of that myself. TV shows in the 90’s were also totally amazing. Of course I was mostly watching kids shows (shout out to Legends of the Hidden Temple!) but Daria, Living Single, and Twin Peaks will always have a special place in my heart. Twin Peaks especially. Now I need to rewatch the entire series for a 10th time, excuse me.

3) Do you have any pets? I’m a total animal lover, but at the moment I only have one pet. Cosmo is a huge grey and black male tabby. Occasionally he’ll come say hi when I’m hanging out in my chat room. I may be biased, but I think Cosmo is probably the most awesome cat in the world. His favorite things are cheddar and sour cream potato chips, naps, and being held upside down- three things we have in common.

4) How many different colors have you dyed your hair? Too many to count! I’ve gone purple, black, blonde, fuschia, and red- and I’m probably forgetting some. My favorite color I’ve dyed my hair so far is my current pink/blue cotton candy look, no contest. It’s fun and playful- sugary sweet with a bit of a punk twist. It’s definitely the style that best fits my personality. Plus my hair is cotton candy textured already, so it was the natural choice.

5) What was the last spontaneous thing you have done? A couple weeks ago I ended up at the beach in the middle of the night with a couple of girl friends. I’m not sure if it was the tequila or just something in the air, but we decided to go skinny dipping in the ocean together. We nearly froze it was so cold! And I still never found the underwear I had on that night…

6) Do you have any body art? Aside from my beloved tongue piercing the only other body art I have is a tattoo of the molecular skeleton for serotonin on my chest. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of happiness and well-being (many anti-depressants work by regulating serotonin uptake). Since I’ve struggled with depression for most of my life I wanted a permanent reminder to myself to always actively work towards happiness and to make happiness a priority. The tattoo was a 20th birthday present to myself, and really marked a turning point in my life. I have a few fun plans for more tattoos in the future, as well.

7) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything? Truth be told, my amazing fans here spoil me to death! Just recently I’ve received a new suitcase for my upcoming Vegas trip, a Nintendo 3DS (and Pokemon X, of course!), a Samsung Galaxy tablet, purple bondage rope, bright red knee high socks, a brand new Hitachi massager wand, Cadbury creme eggs for easter, Pokemon: Indigo League on DVD, a lucky panda hat, two gorgeous corsets, a camcorder, lots and lots of thigh high stockings, several lovely shades of lipstick, some sexy lingerie, a glow in the dark dildo, a black satin and lace robe, a riding crop, and possibly the largest butt plug collection this side of the Mississippi! I absolutely love getting presents, and save all the sweet gift notes included with them to reread whenever I’m feeling down.

8) Do you have any hidden talents? I love sculpting! I’ve been interested in art since I was a kid, and working in 3 dimensions came really easily to me. I work best on a small scale, and even used to sell hand-sculpted polymer clay jewelry before I started camming. I also pick up a hula hoop on cam from time to time- it’s a great ab workout and my fans always seem to enjoy watching me gyrate and spin. I would love to get back in the habit of hula hooping every day and learn some sweet tricks! I am also pretty great at delivering sick burns, but that’s hardly a *hidden* talent to anyone who watches my shows.

9) What song/band could you listen on repeat all day long and never be tired of it? This is a tough one, but I’m gonna have to go with The Pixies. My older brother used to play them all the time when I was growing up, so they’ve always had a special place in my heart. They’ve got some amazing lyrics and a bizarre, unique sound that I can’t get enough of.

10) What is the wildest request you have received while webcamming? I once had someone request a pudding show! I wasn’t too keen on the idea at the time, but now I’m starting to think that rubbing myself all over with chocolate and licking it off my fingers wouldn’t be all that bad. Now all I need is a kiddie pool and a few gallons of pudding…

11) Have you ever had an embarrassing moment while broadcasting? I am too clumsy for my own good sometimes! I guess the most embarrassing would have been during a cumshow, I was trying to switch up into the doggystyle position when I lost my balance and fell off the bed and onto the floor. I actually ended up with a bit of a bruise and some rug burn, but didn’t let that in the way of finishing myself off. The show must go on! Ever since then I try to limit my clumsiness to stubbed toes or getting tangled in hitachi cords. Or knocking my webcam over with my foot when I’m masturbating- but I’ve been getting better about that one.

12) Do you have any crushes on anyone at Chaturbate? I guess the truth had to come out sometime. To be honest, having extra help in my chat room isn’t the only reason I keep my mods around. I tend to give mod privileges to the regulars I crush on the hardest. So BJ_DatDude, chat2jay, kakashamia, midmoguy_the_second, musicisalive, nephelem, rqb913, and spikethorne… I guess the cat is out of the bag! I might also have a wee crush on bugginout, Ultra_, and zenronin. Maybe. Teensy bit. <3

13) Where is the craziest place you have done a webcam show from? Honestly I’ve been a bit too much of a home-body to brave camming in the big, wide world just yet. The most adventurous location I’ve tried camming from thus far was inside an epic box fort I built to celebrate moving into my apartment. I definitely had a blast, but sometime I would really love to do a show on a local nude beach…once I get a little less shy!

14) Are you into any fetishes? I’m into BDSM. I tend to lean submissive but occasionally go Domme with the right person. I’ve got a riding crop and lovely pink ballgag I like to use on cam when I’m in a subby mood. I really love a good spanking- I’ve actually broken not one but two hairbrushes on cam during especially intense sessions. If my ass isn’t cherry red after I’m done I’m not satisfied.

15) Tell us about your favorite sex toy: I actually have a couple of favorites. I love my hitachi, Ultra Jr, and use it several times a day on and off cam. Using the hitachi along with nipple stimulation is probably the fastest way to make myself cum. My other favorite is a little anal dildo that doubles as a plug. I’m crazy for anal sex. Using that toy always gets me really wet and leaving it in while using another toy in my pussy gives me the most powerful orgasms. I really love being all filled up like that.

16) When you like someone how do you show it? I am a total flirt until I think someone suspects I actually have a crush on them, then I get super shy! I am constantly flirting with my friends just for fun, but when I have serious hots for someone and I think they know it I get nervous and turn into a total dork. I blush and have trouble making eye contact and just grin like an idiot the whole time. I basically have no game whatsoever. Once somebody makes the first move I am super affectionate, though. Essentially I am a kitten in a human body- skittish until I get to know you, then I’m in your lap all the time demanding belly rubs and attention.

17) Have you ever been with another girl? I haven’t been with a girl in ages, and I miss it! I love being with a woman when the chemistry is right. Getting my partner off is the biggest turn on for me, and girls can cum over and over again. Being able to make her cum 8 times in a row without stopping is such a thrill.

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Feature Show With Dani Daniels

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Penthouse Pet Dani Daniels will be doing a special feature show on Wednesday May 21, 2014 at 7 p.m. (10 p.m. EST). Fans will access to a free show, where they’ll be able to ask questions, make requests, have the opportunity to tip or get a private show.

Dani Daniels is California native who started in adult to pay off school debt in 2011. She quickly jumped to stardom by winning Best Girl/Girl scene by AVN in 2013 and Best Actress in 2014. CNBC took notice by naming Dani in The Dirty Dozen: Porn’s Most Popular Stars.

Make sure to hit “follow” on Dani Daniels Chaturbate page  and be notified by email when she’s online.

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Tip Volume Added

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Chaturbate has added a customized tip volume and room volume setting! To adjust your settings go to your chat room, click Chatroom_Settings, and scroll down to Tip Volume.

Tip Volume

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Change In Terms

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We have recently changed our terms under Section 5 Illegal and Prohibited Conduct to include the following:

M. Performers may not broadcast from a public place or from a studio or set that creates the impression that the performer is in a public place.

N. Performers are prohibited from broadcasting outdoors unless the broadcast is done from private property, with the property owner’s consent, and in an area that is not visible from any neighboring property.

Thank you in advance for following our new terms of service.

Change In Terms

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Model Spotlight: Ice_Demon

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Ice_Demon’s Chat Room:

1) How did you come up with your alter ego “Ice_Demon”? I am a huge fan of Japanese culture and I just love to watch anime and read manga, which lead me to learn the language, so I found out that my name – Kori – in Japanese means Ice, and Demon because of my studies, I have a University Degree in demonology and a Master Degree in archeology. I also happen to like Dante’s Inferno very much, providing me a base on which to create my alter ego’s personality, life, and history. As the Ice Demon, I am the Guardian of the Gate of Hell along side Cerberus, Minos, and Kharon. And my domain is the last circle of Hell, the 9th: treachery. The place of eternal winter and morbid silence.

2) Where is the wildest place you have done a broadcast? I was once in a pub drinking a coffee and enjoying a cigar while waiting my turn to enter an exam I had at aero-archeology. Having my laptop with me and nothing else better to do I decided to broadcast. It was funny and strange cause all the people in the bar stared at me every time I laughed and they just could not figure out what I was doing and what was so amusing.

3) Do you ever do shows with a partner? Nowadays I do shows with my husband; he and I are very much alike, intensely sexual, and sensual, bringing this on cam allows us to experience more. It’s all about being sensual and erotic. To suggest an idea, a sensation; make the viewer want more and more.

4) In your opinion what is your sexiest trait? Hmmm… I love my body so it is somewhat hard to decide, however I would say that my expressivity is my sexiest trait. As a woman, I do not need to take my clothes off to make a man desire me. A smile, a playful finger touching my lips, a passing hand through my hair, looking the man in the eyes (or in this case, looking straight into the camera, creates the sensation of eye-to-eye contact). All of this small gestures send out an invitation, make me look sensual and erotic.

5) What is the craziest request you’ve received during a webcam show? Well … I had a few of that kind of request actually, but the craziest… well I was asked to describe Hell’s tortures and do it in a dark erotic manner, it was somewhat crazy but fun. It gave me the opportunity to test my talent as a writer and a challenge to my imagination.

6) You consider yourself to have an athletic body type. Are you into any sports? I love free climbing; I grew up surrounded by mountains so it would be somewhat hard not to love extreme sports. Now I go with working out every day at least half an hour.

7) What was the last spontaneous thing you’ve done? The last was baking a cake at three in the morning cause my little demons wanted sweets as a midnight snack.

8) Have you ever been with another girl? I did have an affair with a girl once. I met her in a club. I was celebrating my 18th birthday, I was kinda drunk, and she was just too irresistible. We started talking, then kissing and we ended up going home together, there things happened kind off fast, I don’t know when I got her naked, all I know is that one second we were at the door and the next she was lying in my bed in ecstasy. She had firm and full breasts with small pink and hard nipples, alabaster skin that strangely smelled of menthol and strawberries. Moreover, her womanhood was like honey. She was spectacular in her bliss.

9) If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be? Dead or alive huh? Let me think…. Hmmm…. I would really love to meet Khufu or better known as Cheops. He is generally accepted as having built the Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact. Many other aspects of his reign are rather poorly documented so if the opportunity to meet him would ever present itself I would do it just to find out if he really built the Great Pyramid or not.

10) What is your favorite sex toy? My favorite sex toy is amazing, it’s warm and hard, gentle and firm at the same time, it goes by the name Kaji which, coincidence, is my husband.

11) Do you have any fetishes? If to be caressed all the time can qualify as a fetish, then yes it is a constant presence on webcam.

12) Describe a typical Friday night: It starts with cooking dinner, a few movies or a good book, sex, then sleep. Some weird dreams, kicking Kaji out of the bed ‘cause I never seem to have enough space (and we have a huge bed) some more sex, then sleep claims my brain again.

13) Any embarrassing moments on webcam? Until now, I do not remember having embarrassing moments.

14) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything? I usually get Amazon gift cards so I can buy whatever I want, but recently I received a great e-books about Tabula Peutingeriana or Peutinger table, an illustrated itinerarium, a road map showing the cursus publicus, the road network in the Roman Empire.

15) What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Drink coffee and smoke, so I wake up from my lunatic dreams, then the day can actually start.

16) What is the last thing you do before going to bed? Change in my sexy pajamas to tempt Kaji to take them off. Works every time ‘cause I end up sleeping naked every time.

17) Any guilty pleasures? I am crazy about Supernatural – Dean Winchester looks yummy … shhhh!!! Don’t tell Kaji!!! – and of course I am an anime freak. It just fascinates me… the difference between the Asian culture and the rest of the world, so exotic and in the same time, it feels so known to me… like a déjà vu.

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Emoticon Shortcut Added

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It’s now easier than ever to post emoticons in chat. Simply type : and the first letter of the emoticon and all options will pop up. We also added a report button for emoticons who are  in violation/defamatory.

Emoticon Shortcut

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Ft. Lauderdale Exxxotica!

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Over 18,000 people flocked to Broward County Convention Center for eXXXotica! Its the largest expo dedicated to Love & Sex. Chaturbate’s booth was on hottie overload. Thanks to BaileyXPaige, BiancaBaker,CheyenneLeigh, DawnWillowFionnaAndJimmy, FLBarbieAndKen, FuckFairy, HazyEyedLovers_, KimberKiss, LanaRoseGold, MackennaDawn, OrangesMakesMeSweat, and RamonaFlour for stopping by!

blog3 blog4


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Fake Chaturbate Email

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Its been brought to our attention some broadcasters have received a fake Chaturbate email asking to approve pictures by going to a malicious link.

Please do not take any action other than deleting it. We did not send this. If your email is listed on your profile we highly recommend deleting it.

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Model Spotlight: HellCat_

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HellCat’s Chat Room:

1) How did you come up with your alter ego “Hellcat_”? This isnt the most fun and cool story but I was looking through a list of superheros in alphabetical order to see what popped out at me, for some reason Hellcat would not get out of my head. I fell in love with Hellcat, otherwise known as Patrica Hellstorm , I loved her costume and the fact that she is also a model in her world. Chaturbate has a lot of users and unfortunetly i had the same idea as someone else, Hellcat was taken so I added an underscore and now im Hellcat_.

2) Where is the wildest place you have done a broadcast? I have yet to broadcast any else other then my little Apartment but im 100% positive that my neighbors have heard me squeeling over my fans being awesome to me.

3) What is the best thing about being 19 years old? I honestly dont know, I guess because I’m a year older then 19 so I’m slighty more legal? Does that make sense haha. The fact that i have a year more of experience then an 18 year old haha. I still feel exactly the same , however its going to be a doozey turning 20.

4) In your opinion what is the sexiest trait in a person? The sexiest trait for me would be a good sense of humor. If you can make me laugh untill my stomach hurts then you are a keeper. There is something about a man that can make you laugh that is super sexy. Who wants to live life being all boring and not funny. If you cant make me laugh (and i laugh at a lot of things) then you should probaly be looking into who stole your funny bone.

5) What is the craziest request you have received during a webcam show? I’d say that I am pretty well known for twerking in my chatroom, i refer to “going to work” as “going to twerk” so during Christmas i had my tree up of course and i was asked to do “wall twerk” next to the tree, so i did and now that moment is immortalized into a gif made by BlazeFyre :) :htwerk is the code.

6) Do you have any body decorations? I have 1″ 1/4th plugs, a dermal cheek piercing and 3 tattoos on my right arm. The tattoos are of a gypsy women, a rainy umbrella with an all seeing eye, and a Jackalope which is jack rabbit and a antelope mixed together and it has a banner underneath it that says “too weird to live, too rare to die” and that is a quote from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The most meaningful tattoo that i have is my Jackalope tattoo, i think that the quote itself says a lot about me. Tattoos are one of my biggest passions i plan on getting A LOT more tattoos in the future this indludes a nerdy Skyrim tattoo of and arrow to the knee and possibly a Hellcat tattoo.

7) What was the last spontaneous thing you have done? I think the last spontaneous thing ive done was getting my cheek dermal done. I have always wanted one but never have the guts to really go get it done, but one day I was out running my errands, getting grocery’s, going to the bank, you know adult stuff and decided to stop by a local tattoo parlor and get it done. I was so freaked out about getting it before the piercer called me up, I have had piercings before but dermals are a whole new story. Long story short i was freaked out over nothing, the piercing didnt hurt at all and it was super fun and i think it looks great.

8) Have you ever been with another girl? I have yet to be with another girl or have a threesome even though I really would like to, although, i do have a some girls in mind to in the future do some shows with including Blazefyre , BirdyLovesIt , and CherryVonFairy. I think it would be a whole lot of fun to bring then on and broadcast it with all our fans :)

9) If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be? I would pick Morgan Freeman just so that I can make him read me a book. Who doesn’t want to listen to Morgan Freeman talk for like 5 hours. The Man can literally say anything and it would sound cool. Imagine if the guy was the president. Whatever he says go just because it sounded cool just by saying it. “Id like to give Hellcat 12 million dollars” DONE… why because it sounded awesome, and you cant tell me you didn’t read that in his voice. Morgan Freeman for president!

10) What is your favorite sex toy? Other then the obvious answer of the Hitachi being my favorite toy, because girls we all know its the best, My favorite toy is what me and my chat room have named “Mr. Wiggles”. He is a cute pink dildo with a little clit vibrating bunny on it. Normally its a fan favorite because it gets me extremely creamy! Mr. Wiggles knows how to work it!

11) Do you have any fetishes? Eyebrows! As you can tell i spend a lot of time on my eyebrows and when others have good brows, it’s like heaven on earth. When someone gives you a sexy look with a raised eyebrow… its done, we are cuddling! I don’t know what it is about eyebrows they are just sexy. I could probably spend 3 hours looking around peoples profiles staring at their eyebrows. One of my motto’s in life is “Don’t let anyone with bad brows tell you anything about life”.

12) Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I am really big on watching YouTube, It’s like TV to me. I am subscribed to about 50 different channels on YouTube ranging anywhere from makeup channels to gaming channels, I also watch a lot of vlog channels. For those of you who don’t know what a vlog is its an video blog. One of my favorite channels on YouTube is Ctfxc, The bassist from We the Kings (also one of my favorite bands), Charles Trippy and his wife Alli Trippy have been vlogging every single day for the past 5 years and it just a vlog of their everyday lives. It sounds crazy but even though I have never met them personal I feel like I’m a part of their family. :)

13) Any embarrassing moments on webcam? My most embarrassing moment on cam would be the time that I was wearing my fox tail butt plug (mind you this was the first day I ever used a butt plug in my life) and I was moving around on the floor getting things ready for a show and I ended up stepping on the tail of the butt plug and pulling it out of my bum really fast. My face just went blank and all I could do was curl up in the fettle position until the pain went away. Later on my dog Peanut ate the tail off of it and i had a mini funeral for it before I threw it out. Peanut showed it who was boss!

14) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything?Yes, I have had a few users buy me things like toys and clothes. One of my biggest gifters, guher21guher, he has bought me my Hitachi, Mr. Wiggle, a few glass toys, some super cute kitty leggings and also my giant 34 oz. bottle of lube. I will never have to buy lube ever again. It has been like 5 months and I doesn’t even look like I’ve touched it. Milo_Bloom has made many gifs of this lube bottle also, so if you are ever in my chat room you will see them.

15) What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Thinking about it now I’m such a lazy bum. lol, I normally just sit in bed and check out all my social networks and stuff on my phone and if I get an email or something cool that I want to look at I pull out my laptop. I did exactly that when I got the email for this questionnaire. I probably do this for an hour or two before I even think about getting out of bed and doing things for the day. Wow… I’m such a lazy butt in the mornings. haha.

16) Do you have any crushes on anyone at Chaturbate? Oh Garsh, I have already named them but I have huge lady crushes on Blazefyre, BirdyLovesit, and CherryVonFairy! I follow more then just these 3 girls but whenever I see them broadcasting I’m always in there rooms. They are just so dang cute. I just want to cuddle with them in a big pile full of Puppies and I just want to pinch each one of their butt cheeks =^.^=

17) Describe a typical Friday night: My Friday nights are honestly nothing special. I am normally broadcasting until 10pm, after that i usually eat and play some videogames with Mancat. But on the rare occasion that I am not broadcasting on a Friday night I’m probably still playing video games or me and Mancat try to go out and fine something fun to do. This almost always includes a trip to Wal-Mart. We don’t even buy anything, Sometimes we just wonder around in there at like 11pm.

18) Any guilty pleasures? My guilty pleasure is the Sims 3 pc game. Oh my, I don’t know what it is about the game its not like its the most amazing game out there, but it is extremely addicting. Building your Sims and building them a home… I cant get enough of building homes on the Sims. It’s mind blowing that I can spend an entire day just building a house. Dang … now I really want to go play it.

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The Fanny’s 2014 Winners!

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We are so proud of all our broadcasters who were nominated for Cyber Hustla of the Year (Webcam Girl of the Year) category at The Fanny’s. You are all winners in our eyes.

A special congratulations to Chronic Love for winning! also took home Webcam Site of the Year. Thank you to everyone for making us the fastest growing webcam site.

Chronic Love Wins!
Chronic Love Wins!

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