Model Spotlight: CherryVonFairy

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CherryVonFairy’s Chat Room:

1) How did you come up with your alter ego CherryVonFairy? I adore cherry blossom trees and mythology. The second name I also go by is Cheravona. I often get asked what it means or where it’s from but it is just a combination of Cherry von that I came up with!

2) What is the best thing about being born in the 90’s? The best thing about being born in the 90’s is that I got to experience each year at the age I was. Sounds silly but I am happy I was a child growing up in the late 90s early 00s and now I am a young adult in 2015. I feel that I experienced things at the right time and growing up at a different time would have not molded me into the me I am today.

3) Describe your perfect date: My perfect date would be doing anything with my partner that we can enjoy together. That could be going out to dinner or to the park to watch the sunset. But most often it would just be watching a movie together at home, making popcorn and enjoying each other’s company.


4) What is the last spontaneous thing you have done? I sadly have not done anything spontaneous worth recalling lately. I will have to change that!

5) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? If I could go anywhere in the world at the moment I would go to Japan. I would love to explore their food, culture and shopping.

6) Do you have any pets? I do! I am currently living with my parents so at the moment I have 4 dogs, one Labrador retriever and three Chihuahuas.

7) In your opinion what is the best thing about being American? The best thing about being American is that you can (mostly) express whatever you’d like and have passions that may be considered outside the box.

8) Any embarrassing webcam moments? I don’t tend to find many moment embarrassing as I’ve learned to laugh at myself since nothing silly should ever be too stressed over. But I have came so hard that my butt plug launched itself towards my camera, had a great laugh but I’d assume some girls would find that to be embarrassing. Hasn’t happened again though!

9) Do you have any Chaturbate crushes? Of course! My forever love is Hellcat_ or IamHellcat. I have also been crushing on Yhivi and Cortanablue!

10) What is the craziest request you have received while camming? I once began kidding about fitting inside my ottoman box that I keep toys in and someone requested I seriously try. It was a tight fit but I was able to get in and close the lid.

11) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything? Yes they have! People have bought me sex toys, household items, clothing, Necomimi Ears, a XL 3DS and games, a few webcams, and more!

12) Describe a typical Friday night? What do you do and with who? A typical Friday night is usually like every other night for me; I am home relaxing, editing, and hopefully on cam at some point! I am always with my boyfriend Von as well.


13) Where is the wildest place you’ve broadcast? I have not had the chance to broadcast any place considered wild, one day soon I hope!

14) Tell us something most people don’t know about you? I have a lot of passions archery, arts, sciences, history, crafts, hula hooping, yoga, nature, crystals, fossils, animals, anime; the list goes on and on.

15) Favorite sex position? The Anvil, I am on my back while he kneels between my legs and raises them, while I rest my calves over his shoulders. He can play with my feet this way.

16) How can members of Chaturbate’s community be your King Lemon? Members of Chaturbate’s community can become my King Lemon by becoming my highest tipper of this year by beating Lifted89s tip of 2025. They get the one and only title of my King Lemon.

17) Describe your favorite sex toy? My favorite sex toy is the Tantus Acute Dildo in Pearl White. It doesn’t have a name yet!

18) Does your boyfriend ever join you on webcam? My boyfriend did join me on webcam a while ago and will be again but not sure when and how often!

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Howdy Dallas, TX!

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For the first time eXXXotica-Expo is set to take place in Dallas, Texas. The three day event will be held at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center August 7-9, 2015.  Chaturbate broadcasters AmateurAmber, BabyJas, GoldenGoddessxxx, and SubmissiveAlexis are scheduled to attend. We encourage everyone from the community to stop by booth #506 for free pictures, autographs, and stickers. If you’re a Dallas broadcaster and would like a complimentary ticket to attend the expo email [email protected]

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Model Spotlight: Arabella_Fae

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Arabella_Fae’s Chat Room:

1) How did you come up with the screenname Arabella_Fae? Arabella comes from the Arctic Monkeys song, “Arabella” and Fae is simply because I have always had a fascination with the mythical and fantastical. Plus, Arabella works out for me to shorten to Ari!

2) What is the best thing about being born in the 90’s? Definitely being able to associate myself with and relate to 90’s music like Sublime or Radiohead. Also, being part of a generation in which home and handheld technology was rapidly growing, I don’t know what I would have done without my N64 as a kid.

3) Do you have any body decorations? I have several. I have my nostril and my septum pierced, a large poem tattooed on my right thigh and a little bear on my left wrist. The most meaningful is probably the bear because “Bear” was an old nickname of mine. It certainly hurt to get it done! I will not be getting any more piercings but I would love to get a large art nouveau style mermaid done on my other thigh and several other tats.


4) What are you studying in college? Right now I am technically undeclared, but I am looking into a communications or criminal justice major. I started college a bit late so I only just finished my freshman year but so far it has been a great experience for me, learning is something I have always loved.

5) Tell us about your recent all girl threesome: The shows were amazing! Not only did all the users and viewers support us and treat us so wonderfully, but I also got to experience an amazing week with Eeevee and Alli_Leigh in the Florida sun! The most memorable thing that happened online were our super hot GGG ticket shows, lots of sexy dildo action and making out (FYI Eeevee is a great kisser). I really do hope we get together again because I already miss touching those butts!

6) What was the last spontaneous thing you have done? The most recent spontaneous thing that I did was buying my biggest dildo yet, and then I had to test it out of course (btw, it fit! :O).

7) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything? As much as I would love to be able to list all the gifts that my amazingly kind and thoughtful followers have gifted me, I have been on CB for over a year now and the list would stretch on forever! I would love to let every single one of those gifters know how deeply grateful I am for their thoughtful and kind actions!

8) Do you have any hidden talents? My main talents are crocheting amigurumi (little animal plushies), writing short stories and painting/drawing. Crocheting and art I picked up when I was a kid looking for a way to express myself, but as I got older I realized that my true talent is in storytelling. I try to write and make art as often as possible.

9) What song/band could you listen on repeat all day long and never be tired of it? I would have to pick Sublime every day, all day, any day. I couldn’t even begin to remember when I first heard them but I really started to appreciate them about 5 years ago. Their music mostly consists of songs about living and loving and that is the life I try to lead.

10) What is the wildest request you have received while webcamming? Most of the wildest requests I get are way out of my comfort zone but sometimes people get me really interesting or cool looking new toys and trying them out is always a fun experience. I not only get to learn more about my body and what it likes but I get to try out different toys, some of which are really bizarre or cool looking!


11) Have you ever had an embarrassing moment while broadcasting? There are two incidents that come to mind when trying to answer this question. The first was (I believe) during my first birthday show on CB when a faulty vibrator battery blew up! Thankfully I wasn’t using it but my face must have been priceless! The second time was this past Christmas when the paddle I was using broke mid-spank. Thankfully, these were both one time events.

12) Do you have any crushes on anyone at Chaturbate? I definitely do, its hard not to when there is a site full of so many lovely people. Top of the list has to go to a girl after my own heart, a fellow Zelda fanatic and overall beautiful and amazing nerd, Birdylovesit. Allison_Winchester and Eeevee too of course, because they are going to let me touch their cute butts! Also, Theemilygrey because…just wow.

13) Where is the craziest place you have done a webcam show from? The most interesting place I have ever done a show from is probably my backyard, it was a fun experience, especially to feel the grass tickle my butt, and I would do it again but the most wild shows I do are always shower shows! My absolute favorite.

14) Are you into any fetishes? I have a few fetishes, I am a bit of a little, enjoy spanking, and cuffs and the like but unfortunately most of my fetishes are geared more towards sensory deprivation and aren’t enactable on cam. I try to bring what I can to the show and it always ends up being a great time.

15) Tell us about your favorite sex toy: I have so many amazing toys its hard to pick! When it comes right down to it though I would have to say my Lelo Gigi. Its a little handy vibrator that makes it as my favorite because it has great G-spot stimulation and is perfect for a squirt show!

16) What will you do for your upcoming birthday on August 18, 2015? I’ll definitely be live on CB doing some crazy show but you’ll just have to wait and see ;) later, after I’ve logged off, I’ll probably celebrate with some good food and drinks.

17) Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I love giving little facts about myself and often refer to them as #Arifacts. For this one I will say that I didn’t even own a sex toy until after I became a cam girl, now I own over 25 different ones!

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169,169 Single Token Tip

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Chaturbate is ecstatic for broadcaster LovelyAnne. She recently broke the highest single tip record. The new record is now at 169,169 tokens! And as if that wasn’t enough she was tipped 20,672 tokens the same day. Congratulations, LovelyAnne!!!!

169,169 Token Tip!

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Model Spotlight: Nikki_Cruz

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Nikki_Cruz’s Chat Room:

1) How did you come up with your screen name Nikki_Cruz? My name is Nicole, but most everyone calls me Nikki and I always liked the name “Cruz.” I found out later that there are two other well known people with the name Nikki Cruz. I think its a great conversation starter because I am frequently asked if I am any relation to the famous actress or if I am part Latina, which I am not.

2) What is the best thing about being born in the 80’s? I’m going to have to say the music. I am a big fan of rock and metal music and a lot of awesome music came out in the 80s. Music is a big part of my life and I love listening to music that I can just rock out to and go crazy. A lot of members have commented on the type of music that I listen to while broadcasting and they love it! It’s awesome that I have that in common with a bunch of members.

3) Describe your perfect date: I grew up in Southern California and I truly miss the beach. I am a bit of a romantic, so having a cliche filled date such as having a candlelit dinner and walking down the beach while sharing it with someone’s company that I genuinely adore is my idea of a perfect date.


4) What is the last spontaneous thing you have done? My sister set me up on a blind date, my first one ever. She was bugging me for weeks to let her set me up with a guy and I finally gave in and said yes. The date was….lets just say that I’m convinced that my sister is out to get me or she just doesn’t know me at all!

5) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? I always thought it would be a blast to go back to the place where my ancestors lived. I really would like to travel through Europe and see all the ancient buildings and structures. I’ve never ventured out of the country so taking an expedition through such a magnificent place such as Europe, would be quite an adventure.

6) Do you have any pets? I have a small cage with two scorpions that I caught exploring outside one day. Growing up, I had pretty much all the traditional pets. We had a dog that was german shepherd-wolf mix, a few cats, some fish, and 22 hamsters. As I matured, I thought it would be fun to have out-of-the-ordinary pets. I had some alligator lizards a few years back. Now I just have the two scorpions who are quite picky eaters.

7) In your opinion what is the best thing about being American? If I had to narrow it down to one thing, it would definitely have to be freedom. I see other cultures around the world and it makes me sad that they are so oppressed that they cannot do, say, or practice certain things. I am truly blessed to live in such a marvelous place where I can be my crazy self.

8) Any embarrassing webcam moments? Wow, where to start. I am a really clumsy person, I have rolled off my bed, fell over taking my clothes off, tripped while trying to do a sexy pole dance, and I always end up kicking my coffee off of the footboard of my bed. I usually just end up cracking up because its so funny that I am such a klutzy girl. I’m really glad that the members are understanding and I am always glad to make them laugh as well.

9) Do you have any Chaturbate crushes? Oh yes, I have plenty. I am a big perv myself. Bigpoi, kriztian20, lickpunani, lucky_jon84, lasvegasshowgirltina01,fostermw, onyx, im_hydrated. They are super generous and they tolerate all my food/cooking talk.

10) What is the craziestrequest you’ve received while camming? I keep getting asked to start a video food blog on YouTube. Somehow, a lot of the conversations I have turn into food talk, and so someone suggested that I start a cooking/food blog on youTube. I seriously am considering it. I think it would be a lot of fun, and definitely would show another side of me.


11) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything? Yes, lots of things. Both my hitachis, my stripper pole, clip on nipple rings, lingerie, panties, 50 Shades of Grey,running gear, housewarming gifts for my new house. I am so loved!

12) Describe a typical Friday night? Typically, I am broadcasting on Friday nights. If I am not broadcasting, you most likely would find me in my PJs, curled up in bed watching a movie and relaxing…Now thats my idea of a fun Friday night!

13) Where is the wildest place you’ve broadcast? I met another model and we ended up making some videos together and a had a pretty wild night. Then after we were done, we both broadcasted right next to each other at her house. Members were shocked and confused at the same time, but they all loved it!

14) Tell us something most people don’t know about you? I am a total nerd for baking and cooking. There is something about being creative with food that I absolutely love. I am a vegan and I love cooking all kinds of food, vegan or not, and I love finding new things to cook. I’m not sure why, but I love watching people enjoy the things I make for them.

15) Favorite sex position: Doggy style, hands down. Don’t get me wrong, I will not complain about any position, but doggy style is my favorite because it just feels so good and I just love it from behind. I love getting my hair pulled and being spanked and doggy style is a great way to do both of those. I love it when the guy puts his hands on my hips and pulls me into him, so hot!

16) You describe yourself as being able to have multi-orgasms. How did you discover this? I was 18 the first time it happened. I was with my first boyfriend and we were in the back of his SUV in some random parking lot. He was taking me doggy style, and he kept going at it and I could feel I was so close to cumming and I finally did, then he still kept pounding me and I climaxed again! As long as we keep going, I can keep cumming. One time, when I was with the same boyfriend, we were having sex for hours, I just kept cumming. I cummed 105 times that time and still haven’t broken that record yet.

17) Describe your favorite sex toy? My favorite toy was bought by a loyal member. Its a Z Wand by NYX, its basically like a cordless hitachi vibrator. I love that toy so much, always makes me cum hard. I do have a Magic Wand Hitachi, but it is just too powerful and makes my computer go crazy when I use it.

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Pornstar Charlotte Stokely Feature Show

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Charlotte Stokely Feature Show

Adult film star, Charlotte Stokely, will be doing a special feature show on Wednesday June 24, 2015 at 8p.m. (11 p.m. EST). Fans will have access to a free show where they’ll be able to ask questions, make requests, have the opportunity to tip or get a private show.

Charlotte is currently on the cover of June’s issue of Hustler magazine, and is also Twisty’s girl of the month. Earlier this year she was nominated for GG Performer of the Year by Xbiz. She has appeared in over 100+ adult films with top companies like Zero Tolerance, Evil Angel, Wicked Pictures, and Digital Playground. In addition, Charlotte Stokely did a modeling campaign for major clothing brand, American Apparel. Charlotte also had a role in the comedy movie Black Dynamite, which spawned a cartoon series on Adult Swim.

Make sure to hit “follow” on Charlotte’s Chaturbate page,, so you can be notified by email when she’s online.

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Rate My Reply

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In Chaturbate’s effort to improve email support by customer service we added an option to rate support replies.

After you email [email protected] and received a response you’ll be given the option to rate it. All ratings and comments will be reviewed by staff.

Rate My Replies

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69,996 Token Tip

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Congratulations to our dearest Afiyaah for receiving a single tip of 69, 996 tokens! We are glad to see fans appreciating your work.

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Silence Other Broadcasters

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We understand having other broadcasters chatting in your room can occasionally be a distraction to your performance. To help everyone stay focused on you and not whose chatting we added the ability for broadcasters to silence other broadcasters.

To enable the new feature click  to bring up chat room options and select your preferred settings.

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Exxxotica Expo- Chicago, IL 2015

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This years Exxxotica-Expo marks their 10 year anniversary. Over the past decade they have solidified their spot as #1 consumer show! Chaturbate is once again supporting this event by sponsoring and exhibiting. Come to Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago, IL during June 12-14, 2015 and meet ArielAnderson, LaurenPhillips, RamonaFlour, and ReeceRyan at booth #514. They will be giving away free Chaturbate gear, free pictures, and autographs!

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 4.15.52 PM

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